QiJack Mono TS Output Jack for Guitar/Bass, with Mounting Hardware


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The two main functions of a guitar jack are a secure connection and a low resistance connection. The traditional jack is a 60 year old design and only has contact from one side of the brass spring on the tip. Over time the brass spring becomes weak and sloppy. The patented QiJack has two points of contact on either side of the tip of the plug and the sleeve. Instead of a bent piece of brass that pushes on the tip of the plug, the QiJack has a round ring. When the plug is inserted, the ring expands into an oval shape to push firmly on both side of the plug at the tip and the sleeve.  When the plug is removed the ring returns to its round shape. The physics behind the bent brass is not as effective nor long lasting as the physics used in the design of the round ring, which doesn’t become sloppy or weak like the piece of brass, but rather it is ready for the next insertion and grips the plug firmly time and time again. One of the ways you can measure and quantify how good of a Jack you have is measuring the contact resistance. Resistance is inevitable in any electronic connection but we want to minimize it as much as possible for better sound quality. The more pressure and more surface area used at the connection site, the lower the resistance. Having a low resistance allows for a fast rise time. When you have a slow rise time, sounds frequency such as the attack of a piano note or the strum of a guitar become dull and muddled. However, having a fast rise time creates notes that are clear and crisp. Any resistance introduced in the signal chain will effect the rise time. One place where resistance appears is the connection with the jack. The QiJack lowers the resistance, resulting in fast rise time and better sound quality.  You are only as good as your weakest link and you don’t want it to be your jack. When you think about putting a traditional Jack in your high-end guitar it is like putting bicycles tires on a Ferrari and wondering why it doesn’t drive well.
Two points of contact for each tip and sleeve for better sound quality
Unique patented rings that expand to an oval shape with curved contact points that literally hug the surface of the plug
Lower resistance and improved signal-to-noise ratio for better sound
Made in the USA and built like a tank

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QiJack Mono TS Output Jack for Guitar/Bass, with Mounting Hardware
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